It's Made in Taiwan

It's well-made, and it's NOT made in China

My xDendee Ni-MH battery charger was Made in Taiwan

I recently bought a wireless mouse for my computer, and I thought it would be a good idea to get a new battery charger and some rechargeables, so I went out looking.

I started out at TKEC (燦坤, the big yellow store) because it happened to be along my way while I was thinking about the purchase. The guy at the counter there showed me a recharger that was made by Sony, but it was made in China. Me: "Got any that aren't made in China?" Him: "No." Me: "Bye!"

I then went to E-Life Mall (全國電子) just a couple of blocks down the road, and the first few items I saw there were also made in China.

However, one brand -- xDendee (with the "x" written as an "infinity" symbol) -- had a couple of models which were made in Taiwan. The four AA (三號) rechargeable batteries included in the set that I chose were made in Japan. Despite the price being a bit higher than the others, I chose the xDendee.

The name xDendee comes from the Taiwanese pronunciation -- no, not Mandarin -- of the word "battery": ㄉㄧㄢˇㄉㄧˊ (diǎn​dí​, 電池). Extra points for Taiwan Pride!

Product info:
Name: xDendee 液晶顯示極速充電組 (xDendee LCD display rapid recharger set)
Model number: SL-BCRDENLCD3U
Universal Product Code (UPC): 4710636512223
Price: NT$1,150
Purchased from: E-Life Mall (全國電子)

My SohoUSB 55-in-1 card reader was Made in Taiwan

When shopping at NOVA last weekend for a card reader with which to upload images from my digital camera to my computer, everything I found there was made in China. I looked at more than 20 different ones trying to find one which was made in Taiwan -- or at least not made in China -- but to no avail.

One of the last salespeople I talked to insisted that I wouldn't be able to find one that wasn't made in China. He probably just wanted me to buy one from him, but I took it as a challenge to prove him wrong.

A short while later, I went home and Googled [讀卡機 台灣製造 OR 台灣製] plus the specs of what I needed. Within a few minutes, I found one which met all of my prerequisites, including that it be made in Taiwan.

To top it off, I was able to order it online (without using a credit card!), have it delivered to a nearby 7-Eleven (where I could pay cash), and pick it up only two days after ordering.


Product info:
Name: SohoUSB 55-in-1 Victor II card reader
Model number: HRU-226AL
Universal Product Code (UPC): 14000073033
Price: NT$359 (including NT$20 handling fee)
Purchased from: