It's Made in Taiwan

It's well-made, and it's NOT made in China

My Dr. AV Electrical Contact Cleaner was Made in Taiwan

If you have any electrical equipment that uses a knob or slider to control the volume, it's bound to get dusty and/or suffer from corrosion over time. Either of these conditions will result in unwanted noise when adjusting the volume.

The volume pot (potentiometer) on my electric guitar had been having this problem for a while, but no amount of rapid back-and-forth turning would alleviate the situation, so I was off on yet another quest for something that was made in Taiwan.

Despite my earlier experience at TKEC (燦坤, the big yellow store), I stopped in again since it was along my way. When approached by a salesman, I explained what I was looking for. He said that the store didn't carry anything like that but suggested that I go to the electronics market near the Taichung train station (but far from my location at that moment). I thanked him for his help and left.

Fortunately, I had a destination in mind that was much nearer (less than five minutes on foot): the 振宇 (pronounced "zhènyǔ") hardware store. In a very short time, I had found what I was looking for. See below for more details.

Product info:
Name: 電子接點清潔劑 (Dr. AV Electrical Contact Cleaner)
Model number: 60 (NC002)
Universal Product Code (UPC): 4710918890452
Price: NT$199
Purchased from: 振宇五金 (ALD Hardware)